Data tells a story of its own…we help you take advantage of it.

Our proven 4 step process addresses common difficulties facing store owners in inventory management.

Data Collection

You chose your POS system for a reason and we work directly with it. Our data collection process is simple on your end.

What we need:

  • Transaction data for the previous month

    • This looks different on each POS system. We work with what you have.

  • Profit per item

    • Don’t have it? We can work around it! Simply tell us the retail price of each item.


Data quality is essential to understanding your data story. We inspect your transaction data to ensure the quality and accuracy of every sale.

Initial Setup

  • Ensuring all codes are product unique.

  • Pricing is consistent and reflects appropriate costs.

  • Suggest and help implement changes to guarantee increased efficiency.


  • POS outputs are tracked month-over-month to ensure completeness.

  • Accurately reflects any business changes.


We combine your POS data output and use our data expertise to generate leave-behind reports outlining key products, brands, and categories. These reports are made on an individual basis to reflect the uniqueness of your business.

Some of our report offerings

  • Determine products that should be emphasized, tracked over time, and deprioritized/eliminated. These recommendations are individualized to reflect your consumer preferences, not the industry standard.

  • Profit per square foot per item to optimize lay out efficiency and increase store profitability.

  • Interpretation of report to highlight key findings.

  • Recommendations on which product categories to replace low profit generating items.

  • Recommendations on how to optimize store layout to highlight high profit generating items.


Store changes happen at your pace. By tracking sales over time, you will understand consumer preferences throughout the year and have the ability to account for seasonality.

We work at your pace and help to prove your instincts.